Turkish Delight at Sazz 'n Jazz

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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Donderdag/Thursday/Jeudi: 6 September 2018: 20.00h


Sazz ’n Jazz: Boulevard Bischoffsheimlaan 38b, 1000 Brussels



10€ / Free with FESTIVAL PASS*

Tickets and festival pass only available at the venue


Akrostiş literature magazine “Rituals” on sale at the venue



TURKISH DELIGHT: A Blend of Contemporary Turkish Poetry


Gökçenur Çelebioğlu (TR), Selahattin Yolgiden (TR), Mert Kamiller (TR), en Neslihan Yalman (TR)

Hedendaagse en experimentele Turkse poëzie.


Deze avond wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met het literaire tijdschrift Akrostiş die tevens ook het laatste themanummer ‘Rituals’ aan het grote publiek voorstellen.





TURKISH DELIGHT: A Blend of Contemporary Turkish Poetry


Gökçenur Çelebioğlu (TR), Selahattin Yolgiden (TR), Mert Kamiller (TR), and Neslihan Yalman (TR)

La poésie contemporaine et experimental turque.


Cette soirée est organisée avec la collaboration du magazine litéraire Akrostiş qui vont presenter leur dernier recueil ‘Rituals’.





TURKISH DELIGHT: A Blend of Contemporary Turkish Poetry


Gökçenur Çelebioğlu (TR), Selahattin Yolgiden (TR), Mert Kamiller (TR), and Neslihan Yalman (TR)

Contemporary and experimental Turkish Poetry.


This evening is in collaboration with Akrostiş includes the presentation of the latest issue of Akrostiş literature magazine ‘Rituals’.




Participating artists:



Gökçenur Ç. was born in Istanbul in 1971 and spent his childhood in a number of Turkish cities. He graduated Istanbul Technical University Electrical Engineering Faculty and has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University. Has published several books in Turkish and in translation, has been translated into 27 languages. Gökçenur Ç. travels the world with his poetry. He organized and managed many poetry translation workshops in İstanbul, Gümüşlük (Bodrum) and Tel-Aviv with the poets from United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Israel.He is the member of CIWTTL (Cunda International Workshop for Translators of Turkish Literature. In the CIWTTL and other workshops he participated, he translated poems of Behçet Necatigil, Enis Batur, Haydar Ergülen, Murathan Mungan, Gonca Özmen, Birhan Keskin and many other Turkish poet into English.He is the co-director of the Offline Istanbul International Poetry Festival and board member of Nilüfer International Poetry Festival. He also took part in the International Committee of Les voix de la Mediterranee International Poetry Festival in Lodeve. He curated and organized the Word Express (www.word-express.org). He is one of the founders and board member of Delta International Cultural Interactions. He is a member of the editorial board of Macedonian based international literary magazine Blesok. He is the editor in chief of Turkish literature review Çevrimdışı İstanbul (Offline Istanbul).He is the co-editor of the Turkish domain in Poetry International (www. poetryinternationalweb.net/).




Selahattin Yolgiden was born in İstanbul in 1977. He started publishing his poems since 2000. His poems translated into English, German, İtalian, Dutch, Indian and Bulgarian. He lives in İstanbul with his cats. His books are: Su Kıyısında Kimse Yoktu – 2004 Adam Yayınları, Winner of the Cemal Süreya Poetry Award in 2004; Gün Geceye Küstüğünde

– 2007 - İkibinaltı Yayınları, Winner of the M. Sunullah Arısoy Poetry Award in 2007; Unuttuğum Limanlar – 2009 Sel Yayıncılık Lacivert Bir Oyundu İkimiz Arasında – 2011

– Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları, Winner of the Arif Damar Poetry Award in 2011; Eve Geç Kaldım Yalnızlık Bekler – 2013 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları, Winner of the Behçet Aysan Poetry Award in 2014; Gittiğim En Uzak Yer Sizdiniz – 2015 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları; Herkes Ayrıldı Kendinden – 2017 – Kırmızı Kedi Yayınları




Neslihan Yalman was born in 1982 in Ankara. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Dokuz Eylül where she graduated as a valedictorian from the department of dramatic writing. She did her post-graduate work in Gazi University’s Social Science’s Institute’s Turkish Ethnology Department. She worked as and editor/copy editor and copywriter. She wrote a column in ‘Haber3.com’. She currently teaches in ‘Art Academy İzmir’. She has columns in ‘Gerçekedebiyat’ and ‘Aksi Sanat’ magazine. Her poetry and essays have been published in many journals. Her Books: Turkey: Where You Can’t Live But You Can’t Leave (2013); States of Injury (2013); But’riarchal (2014); Bronze Informer (2015); Immortal (2018). Her Script: The 10th Village: Teyatora – [Has been filmed.] Her Theatre Play: Tent of Those Who Cannot (h/m)old Into Life –[Received the Suat Taşer Short Play Competition Award, 2004.]




On July 29th, born in Karşıyaka/İzmir/TR. Lives in Beyoğlu/İstanbul/TR. Musician, lyric and songwriter, composer, multi-instrumental- ist, tenor singer. Arranger, producer. Recording musician since 1996. Third generation of a house bequeathing music and art. Been apprentice of Turkish music maestros Erol Büyükburç, Necdet Karar in very early ages and also studied polyphonic music, orchestration, and composition with legendary İlhan Telli. Plays piano, guitar and Turkish cümbüş at master level. Also, uses many musical instruments in recording studios including bowed ones and drums. His Rock power trio Dar-ül Efkar released 2 legal albums in 2008 and 2016. Created the musical slam&spoken-word project [BADpoetry] and

also released a legal album in 2016. In time, [BADpoetry] evolved into a multidisciplinary art movement called; [BADpoetry] code sheltering photography, video art, contemporary dance, music, and poetry. Without genre limitation, worked on many albums you’ll hear on Turkish radio stations as a studio musician (many of them are credit-free) and also works as a session musician with his guitar and piano. Working on experimental musical instruments in his atelier called ZioN.© Hybrid and trans instruments, synths, noise generators and voice benders are some... www.mertkamiller.com