2016 Brussels Poetry Fest

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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Confirmed artists and researchers 2016:

ACG Vianen (NL), Akim AJ Willems (BE), Al Di Miseria (BE), Alain Freudiger (CH), Antoine Boute (BE), Carmien Michels (BE), Claus Ankersen (DK), Cro§in’X (BE), Daniel Billiet (BE), Dirk Elst (BE), Moto (Dirk Elst & Joy Voncken) (BE), Flurina Badel & Jérémie Sarbach (CH), Gijs Ter Haar (NL), Heike Fiedler (CH), Helen White (UK), Irene Siekman (NL), Jean-Pierre Van Rumste (BE), Jee Kast (BE), Jérémie Conne (CH), Jaan Malin (EE), Joh Tachibana (JP), Joy (BE), Kat Georges (US), Laurence Vielle (CH), Catherine Graindorge (BE), Lea Theunissen (NL), Lisette Lombe (BE-CD), Luc Fierens (BE), Maja Jantar (BE), Martijn Nelen (BE), Max Greyson (BE), Moya De Feyter (BE), Jangojim (BE), Muzuki Misum (JP), Peter Carlaftes (US), Rozalie Hirs (NL), Sebastian Bradt (BE), Stefan Wouters (BE), Sven de Swerts (BE), Takeo Oshima (JP), Tom Nisse (LU), Zygimantas Kudirka (LT), Christina Vanderhaeghe (BE), Frédéric Lipzczynski (BE), Ignacio Galilea (BE), Renaat Ramon (BE), Silvio Severino (BE), Maria BaaM Garfjel (SE), Sophie Malleret (US-FR), Philip Meersman (BE)


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The Annual Brussels International Underground Poetry Fest


The Underground Poetry Fest is an experimental poetry festival celebrating different experimental forms of poetry like visual poetry, sound poetry and performance poetry. It highlights the international exchanges between (experimental) poets and academics working on the subject of the poetry avant-gardes and experimental poetry.



In 2014 the thematics of the festival and the academic seminar were the following:

(Belgian) Experimental Poetry (visual and sound poetry)



In 2015 the thematics of the festival and the academic seminar are the following:

•“The poem as book as art” (Liberatura and other book-art, literature as art book, the book as art, the poem as art as book…);

•150th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Zaum, Velimir Klebnikov;

•The End of Poetry on Paper? (flarf, post-literature poetry, online poetry, asemic writing, performance poetry....)



In 2016 the festival is dedicated to the celebration of 100 years of Cabaret Voltaire. A celebration of the birth of Dada. The festival will also focus on the international network of Dada, 100 years on.