A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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location: Queen Astrid Square




At the weekly market of Jette, the festival poets write poems on demand. A typewriter, pen poems, visual verses are interspersed with intimate and expressive performances in and around the "Poetry Stall". In addition to fresh fish, cheese, chicken on the spit, vegetables and fruit people can find customized verses at the weekly market. Interaction with market goersassured. Unique performances and writings are handed out to passers-by.


Jee Kast and Martijn Nelen will perform a slam-graffiti poem for which they collaborated together during a short residency period in the framework of Volta XL by Curieus vzw.

Both slam poets are also active on thegraphical front and cooperated together both as slammers and as graphical designers for each other’s work. For this occasion they will perform a poem by Jee Kast on the theme of 9/11 with graffiti by Martijn Nelen. And a limited series of a comic book designed by Jee Kast based on a poem by Martijn Nelen will be for sale at the market stall..