Poetry - Installations to Perform

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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Poetry: Installations to Perform

location: Musée BELvue Museum, Paleizenplein 7, 1000 Bxl

14:00: ACG Vianen (NL): Sound poetry in which deconstructed language takes meaning to another level of meaning.


14:10: Claus Ankersen (DK): A Ginsberg like performance! Perhaps not howling, but as close as it gets. Society scrutinesed, the world disected. Angry young man meets beat poet.


14:20: .Ko.nvulsions is a collaborative project by the composer Sebastian Bradt (BE) and the poet Helen White (UK). A translation project that twists words from nine to five and twilight to sunrise.


14:40: Jaan Malin (EE) brings Estonian sound poetry or bird language poetry or performance poetry. His performances are serious whilst funny but always very intens and overpowering.


14:50: Muzuki Misum (JP) brings Japanese tableaux to the stage, at first glance intimate, but confronting and sometimes pure absurdist and even horror. A fantastic poetic journey into the depths of the human soul. Japanese with English or French subtitles


15:00: Sven De Swerts (BE) brings poems from the darkest corners of the human soul. From sado-love poems to Punk-heartbreak through social observations. There is a reason why Sven became the first BUTFFestival ambassador! Poetry which sometimes is better left in the catacombs, but especially for this Belvue performance, put on a leash.


15:10: Moto brings Willy V Beats Poetry

A proze poem in English, A Spoken Word set with percussion and three songs in English and Dutch. Amongst all this the phrase “Consumers of the World,unite” will sound familiar when Moto performs the absurdistic “O Pinky kinder bueno”


15:30: Kat Georges (US) & Peter Carlaftes (US)


15:50: Stefan Wouters (BE) will re-enact a poem that was initially written for and conducted by the Megaphone Ensemble in June 2016. The piece, written in Dutch, refers to neo-avant-garde poetry as it emerged in the early sixties in the Netherlands and quotes a line from an untitled work by Simon Vinkenoog. This line tends to fuel imagination and improvisation and forms the basis for the further development of the text.


16:00: Takeo Oshima (JP) dares to do a one-man reading live for 24 hours. For BELvue his performance will be shorter but not less intense. He practices every day to walk on water, but we assure you he will walk into your mind and stay there with his magnificent take on life as a Japanese slam poet.Japanese with English or French subtitles


16:10: Zygimantas Kudirka (LT) is an absurdistic Lithuanian slam poet who shows his audiences a view onto the world from the Baltic. His work paints a society with faults, which he is able to magnify with humour but with surgical precision.


16:20: Tom Nisse (LU): Lecture-performance as homage to Dadaism. This lecture-performance revolves around historical and textual elements from the works of the Dadaists, and around their impact in contemporary poetic approach. It is declined in both languages, which were originally Dada, French and German. Language, voice and body are dominating it without other scenic devices, but since it boasts a dynamic in time and space, it is potentially open to interactions with artists of varying profiles.


16:50: Joy (BE), whose real name is Gioia Frolli, offers text on drunkenness, the quest for an intense life, the search for her roots. With an Italian grandfather, another Burundian grandfather and two Belgian grandmothers, she evokes a family past which she tries to reconstruct like a police investigation. Most of her texts are a tribute to the African history of her family.


17:00: Lisette Lombe, feminist Belgo-Congolese, creates poetic objects on the border of eroticism and activism, which make us travel between Europe and Africa. Her performances are trying to convince the public of the incongruity of some historical facts about the presence of Belgium in Congo.