Planets, stars & spatial voices & Poetry Under the Stars

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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Planets, stars & spatial voices & Poetry Under the Stars

location: Planetarium van de Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van België/

Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium/ Planétarium de l’obervatoire royal de Belgique, Boechoutlaan 10, 1020 Laken/Laeken

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Catherine Graindorge (BE) violins and Laurence Vielle (BE-CH) voice will turn the earth into sounds and words. A cyclonic surge, amazing poetry.


Rozalie Hirs (NL) shows a complete new way of listening to Pulsars. Sound, text, music, image and space fuse together into a completely new immersive experience of the universe.


With tout tourne autour Heike Fiedles asks if “Language is a-NO virus from outer space”.

Funded by Helvetia Foundation


Poetry Under The Stars: a Creation of Poets Under the Night Sky

With a.rawlings, Maja Jantar, Vincent Tholomé and Philip Meersman