Maintenant Tea

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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Maintenant Tea

location: Musée BELvue Museum, Paleizenplein 7, 1000 Bxl

Maintenant Tea

Three Rooms Press (US) presents Maintenant Dada 10, Warm Hunger with Special Guests

MCs: Kat Georges (US) & Peter Carlaftes (US)


14:00 - 16:00: Akim AJ Willems (BE): A two-hour performance of his prose poem “Facebook”, Akim welcomes the audience as if they encounter the Facebook wall of the artist. They not only see the artist, but they also enter his Facebook world. Virtual Reality was never so real. Audiences are requested not to poke the poet, liking and sharing however is encouraged. To top that, the artist is attempting to stream his performance live on Facebook.


14:00: In her performances, Maja Jantar (BE) manages to create sounds with her voice to which meaning is given from within the innermost soul of human kind. Long forgotten perhaps or even never known by the audience members they see colours, movements created at the spot through vocals. A performance not to be missed.


14:20: ACG Vianen (NL): Sound poetry in which deconstructed language takes meaning to another level of meaning.


14:30: Kat Georges (US) & Peter Carlaftes (US)


Special Guests Three Rooms Press:


14:40: Frédéric Lipczynski (BE)


14:50: Ignacio Galilea (BE)


15:00: Renaat Ramon (BE)


15:10: Silvio Severino (BE)


15:20: Luc Fierens (BE)


15:30: Maria BaaM Garfjel (SE)


15:40: Sophie Malleret (US/FR)


15:50: Kat Georges (US) & Peter Carlaftes (US)


16:00: Heike Fiedler, guest curator of this year’s Brussels International Poetry Fest, closes the festival at 4pm. She’ll bring „tu es - do it" a performance with voice, electronics and visuals within which the audience will be able to appreciate the added value of sounds to visual poetry or visuals to sound poetry. A truly magical performance by an internationally renowned artist.

Funded by Helvetia Foundation


16:30: Philip Meersman (BE) closing poem