Projections of time in Cara Inversa Pepe Caccamo and Baldo Ramos (Galicia, Spain) by Laura Lopez Fernandez

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Cara Inversa’s (Reverse Side) verbal and visual-object poems –a versatile and dual book- project an intertextual and intersubjective experience in dialogue with Galicia’s historiographic and literary voices of the past. The texts of this book incorporate a variety of voices, styles and topics which embody different perceptions of time such as a mythical time (Breogan), a historical time (19th and 20th c.), an individual and collective time of the memory (pain, trauma, anonymity, forgetfulness), a sociopolitical and historiographic time (the Spanish civil war, the postwar period, the time of exile, and migration), and a literary time (Galician nationalist poetry, and vanguard aesthetics, artist’s books and object poems). Cara Inversa projects a series of antagonist discourses circumscribed linguistically and aesthetically in the marginal and the periphery, operating as artifacts of cultural emergence and configuring a plurality of epistemes and connections.