Poetry Off the Page. Online Poetry Performances and 21st Century Poetry by Kila van der Starre

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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In the summer of 2013 a YouTube recording of Neil Hilborn's performance of his poem ‘OCD’ went viral. Kila van der Starre explores how this poem is spread and annotated. She examines what the many reactions to the poem, such as transcripts, translations, performance covers, typographical interpretations, tattoos and collective close reading, can tell us about poetry in the 21st century. Her paper not only supports Perloff's claim that poetry is more than ‘lineated texts, usually divided into stanzas, surrounded by white space and designed to be read silently to oneself’, but also gives an alternative view on common ideas about the internet era, such as the claim that (young) members of 'the internet generation’ favour speed over reflection, sequences over analysis, surfing over depth, communication over expression and pleasure over effort (Baricco), that digital reading is opposed to close reading (Hayles) and that passionate reading has replaced close reading (Collins).