Panamarenko as Poet by Stefan Wouters

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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During this seminar we will focus on Panamarenko as a poet, an aspect of his early work that has often been overlooked.

During the mid-1960s we notice a strong relation between the Happenings he participated in and literature. These happenings combined formal aspects of Dada with their own national history of avant-garde poetry, especially the work of Paul van Ostaijen. The happeners used Van Ostaijen's work not only as a template for their posters, but they also integrated his poetry during the execution of their Happenings. Another interesting interdisciplinary aspect involving poetry we find in their publication of 'Happening News', a magazine that stood out amongst a copious amount of experimental literary magazines at the time due to its graphic design, often incorporating photography as the basis for a collage. During this seminar I will argue that these works of art are much more conceptual and poetic as one initially might expect.