Liberature. Poetry bound to the book by Katarzyna Bazarnik

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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Liberature is a literary genre, embracing literary works in which the writer deliberately fuses text and material features of the book in order to create an integral piece of literary art. Proposed in 1999 by Polish poet Zenon Fajfer and theoretically developed by Katarzyna Bazarnik, the concept grew out of the couple's triple-codex-book Oka-leczenie, the work that stimulated a distinct trend in contemporary Polish writing. But such an approach to literary material can be traced back to modernist practices rooted in the materiality of writing, and even further back to Laurence Sterne's playful treatment of publishing conventions. It is also related to visual poetry, to Mallarme's symbolist revolution, and to many 20th and 21st century poetic practices. The talk will explore these connections, focusing on how the poetic word can inhabit the space of the book.