Gibber: Ecopoiesis by a rawlings (CA-IS)

A poetry festival which celebrates experimental poetry and the contemporary and historic avant-garde and its artists.

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As the 2012 Queensland Poet-in-Residence, angela developed Gibber—a transdisciplinary site-specific project that combines sound, visual, conceptual, and digital poetries with acoustic ecology and counter-mapping. Spawning from an ecopoethics praxis that applies the three environmental R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) to creative process, Gibber surveys interconnection between (ideas and realities of) land, bird, human, signified, signifier—all founded on a gentle interrogation of the language nurtured “here” (here being Queensland, Australia).


Gibber includes field audio recordings and photo documentation of biotic and abiotic collaboration, synaesthetic museums of sound, and an archive of a multisource polyphonic exquisite corpse composed live via Twitter by 25 international poets. angela will lead a virtual walk-through of the project from a creation perspective, touching on the ecopoethical questions raised and the conceptual procedures that have informed the project’s development.