2015 confirmed artists

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Jaan Luulur Malin (1960) is a Estonian sound-poet, curator, esseist, editor, actor etc. Graduated Tartu University (Estonian literature). Since 1990 he has published 9 collections of poetry. He has written 2 plays, one novel and published 1 CD.

I have performed in Romania, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Slovenia, Denmark, Holland, Russia, Portugal, UK and Hungary.

Artist statement: In search of a language before/after (semantic) language

a rawlings is a writer and interdisciplinary artist. She has collaborated with numerous international artists, including Maja Jantar and Valgeir Sigurðsson. rawlings' publications include Wide slumber for lepidopterists (Coach House Books, 2006) and Gibber (online, 2012). Her libretti include Bodiless (for composer Gabrielle Herbst, 2014) and Longitude (for composer Davíð Brynjar Franzson, 2014). Shortlisted for the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Playwrights, her play Áfall / Trauma will be published by Broken Dimanche Press and BookThug in 2016. rawlings loves in Iceland.

Artist statement: a rawlings is a mineral, plant, animal, person, place, or thing.

Lucinda Sherlock (1972, Perth, Western Australia) is an artist who writes books. Her journal deals with the documentation of events and the question of how they can be presented to everyone. Lucinda's small book seeks to express this with the help of writing and mix media, by telling a story or creating a metaphor. Her artworks focus on the communication of thoughts and writing in a universal language, which is visualized as message, attempting to share a common dialogue. By documenting memory and experiences, she absorbs the tradition of remembrance, discourse and authenticity in her art.

Artist statement:Lucinda's journal is full of poetry and writing that have been written in and on. A book of thoughts and observations. .






Antoine Boute travaille à faire se chevaucher poésie (écrite, sonore, graphique), philosophie, performance et musique expérimentales. Il est l’auteur d’une quinzaine de livres dont Tout Public et Les Morts Rigolos (Les Petits Matins) et S’enfonçant, spéculer (Onlit). Il fait des performances un peu partout en Belgique, France et Pays-Bas. Il programme les cycles de d’événements BRUL et Salons du Sang Neuf aux Ateliers Claus à Bruxelles et organise sporadiquement Boslawaai, un festival biohardcore dans la forêt de Soignes.

Artist statement: Bienvenue dans la révolution biohardcore .

Frie J. Jacobs’ werk kenmerkt zich door een breed scala aan zelf ontwikkelde technieken. Hij experimenteert met fotografie, projecties en video en vertrekt steeds vanuit de natuur, die je voor een groot deel als zijn atelier kan beschouwen. Jacobs vertrekt steeds vanuit die natuurlijke omgeving, de realiteit. Jacobs schildert bijvoorbeeld met vuur, roet en regen en maakt partituren en andere schrifturen met meeldraden, zaden en gedroogde bloemen.

Artist statement: My work grows from the idea of corporeal connection with the world around us. Merleau-Pontys words are my motto "To see is to feel”.

Stefan Wouters is an art historian, lecturer and curator based in Brussels. He holds a double doctorate in Art Sciences and Archaeology (VUB) and in Theatre Sciences and Intermedia (UA). He has worked for the Centre of Fine Arts, has collaborated on the research project ‘Belgium is Happening’ (KASKA/UA) and has been teaching various subjects within the domain of performance art, including ‘The Art of Re-enactment’ and ‘Theory of the Avant-Garde’. He is also the organizer of the ‘Belgium Performance Festival’. As from the academic year 2015-2016 he will be lecturing 'Art Criticism' at the VUB.

Artist statement: My'Le cerveau est comme un livre dont parfois le vent tourne une page'

Anneke Baeten was born in Belgium, now residing in Sydney, Australia. Educated in Arts and Music, and following a long career in publishing, she is currently working on various series of asemic work and photography. Her current series "Translating Paint" is about translating the impossible and seeking truth where there is none. She likens writing asemics or visual poetry to releasing the ferrets in her head. The website with representations of all her series is FerretsInMyHead

Artist statement: Translating Paint as seeking truth there there is none. An endless pursuit

Glen Calleja is a Maltese artist mainly interested in poetry and the book as object. His artistic work often involves alternative book structures, found content and performative elements.


He has led and participated in a number of interdisciplinary projects and is currently continuing his formation in traditional bookbinding techniques.


As a co-founder of Fondazzjoni AWL, an independent group working on poetry with an interdisciplinary approach, Calleja continues to pursue his interest in collaboration with other local and international creatives.

Artist statement: My work is all about highlighting meeting spaces (which already exist).

Lisette Lombé est une artiste féministe belgo-congolaise aux multiples visages. Elle crée des objets poétiques (textes, collages, objets, performances, installations) qui nous font voyager entre l’Europe et l’Afrique, aux frontières de l’érotisme et du militantisme. Elle affectionne les lieux interlopes, les parcours chaotiques et les combats métissés.

Depuis plusieurs années, elle partage son amour de la poésie en animant des ateliers d’écriture, qui l’ont conduite de la Belgique à l’Irak, en passant par le Congo et le Rwanda.

Elle vient d'obtenir une seconde place au Prix Paroles Urbaines.

Artist statement: Lisette Lombé, poétesse-performeuse, habillée de mots.

Fork Burke is a poet currently living and writing in Switzerland - She received her BA in Creative Writing from The New School, New York, NY. Her poems have appeared in Hoezo Lepels?,Unshod Quills, Caucasus ArtMag and Three Rooms Press publication Maintenant, as well as Le désir Live Radio Show for Art Basel – Basel Kunstmuseum Radio 2012. Her book Licking Glass poems, poetic essays and other images is also included in the permanent collection of Poets House Library, NY, NY. Spoken Word recordings include Fork Remixed and Durch die Blumen

Artist statement: REpoetics

sven staelens is a belgian (visual) poet, writer & math teacher. In 2009, he began to explore the boundaries of language & literature, resulting in ongoing experiments in (visual) poetry, poesia visiva, asemic writing, poemics, abstract comics, collage art & flarf. His visual work was published in various magazines and on several blogs/sites. His first collection of experimental love poems was published in June 2015.

Artist statement: I explore boundaries of language & literature, experimenting in (visual) poetry, asemic writing, abstract comics & collage art

Sharon Mesmer’s poetry collections are Annoying Diabetic Bitch, The Virgin Formica and Half Angel/Half Lunch. Four poems appear in Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology (second edition). A new poetry collection, Greetings From My Girlie Leisure Place, is forthcoming this fall. She has published three fiction collections, including Ma Vie à Yonago, from Hachette, in French translation. Her awards include a Fulbright Specialist grant and two New York Foundation for the Arts fellowships. She teaches at New York University and the New School, and is a member of the flarf collective.

Artist statement: My work explores how feminine humor (via speech, via writing) addresses shifting conditions in an increasingly absurd world.

David Borchart is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. He is a frequent collaborator with his wife, poet Sharon Mesmer. His most recent cartoons can be seen in the New Yorker magazine.

Artist statement: David Borchart is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. He is a frequent collaborator with his wife, poet Sharon Mesmer

Kila van der Starre (1988) is a half Dutch/half British literary scholar, poetry critic and poet who lives in Utrecht. In October 2014 she started her PhD on 'poetry off the page' at the University of Utrecht, after studying Comparative Literature in the Netherlands and Belgium. She worked for Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Utrecht, Poetry International (Rotterdam), Poëziecentrum (Ghent) and Jeugd en Poëzie (Antwerp). She wrote about contemporary Dutch poetry for Poëziekrant, Ons Erfdeel, DW B, rekto:verso and Verslagen en Mededelingen van de KANTL

Artist statement: Kila van der Starre is a literary scholar, poetry critic and poet. She is doing a PhD on 'poetry off the page' at the University of Utrecht.

PETER CARLAFTES is a New York-based performance artist and writer. His books include A YEAR ON FACEBOOK (humor), DRUNKYARD DOG and I FOLD WITH THE HAND I WAS DEALT (poetry), TRIUMPH FOR RENT (3 Plays) and TEATROPHY (3 More Plays). He is co-editor of the annual Dada writing and art journal, MAINTENANT and the annual New York-based short story collection, HAVE A NYC. He is co-director of Three Rooms Press, a fierce, New York-based independent publisher inspired by Dada, punk and passion. He lives in New York City.

Artist statement: If I had a hammer, I'd hammer down the polar ice caps and start the makings of a peaceful martini.

KAT GEORGES is a poet, playwright, performer and graphic designer. Her poetry books include Our Lady of the Hunger, Punk Rock Journal and Slow Dance at 120 Beats a Minute. Her poetry and prose work has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Signs of Life: San Francisco Short Stories, and numerous regional and international journals and magazines. She is co-director and artistic director of the publishing company she founded, Three Rooms Press, a fiercely independent press inspired by dada, punk, and passion. She lives in Greenwich Village, NY.

Artist statement: KAT GEORGES' poetry, prose, and art aim to disrupt, disturb, distract & disembowel cultural stasis with fresh insight & nu-slant vision.

Renaat Ramon (° Bruges (BE). Poet, essayist, performer and visual artist in the spirit of constructivism and minimalism.

Collaborator to Poëziekrant (BE), Big Ode (PT), IZ (NL), Maintenant (USA).

Collections of concrete and visual poetry: Ongehoorde gedichten/Poems unheard - of/Ungehörte Gedichte/Poème inaudite/Poèmes inouis (1997), Color-field poetry (1999), Zichtbare stem/Visible voice/Voix sisible/Sichtbare Stimme (2009), Lingua franca ( 2009), Nøtebøøk (2010), Apodicta (2013).

Klemteken, (2012), an anthology of his poetry.

2014: Vorm & Visie. Geschiedenis van de concrete en visuele poëzie in Nederland en Vlaanderen (Form & Vision. History of the concrete and visual poetry in the Netherlands and Flanders).


Artist statement: Ramon’s art is the very antithesis of every figurative allusion and remains indifferent to the casual beauty of the forms found in nature. The artist indeed has always underlined that originality is to be the first aim of a creating artist. And it is this ‘originality as poetical discipline’ that has always lead him to new discoveries and to go beyond his limits. He has never been interested in anecdotes, nor been fascinated by the material itself. As he so often pointed out, the creative process is a well thought out and a mathematically elaborated concept. (Erik Slagter)

Maartje Smits (1986) is a poet and visual artist. With her video-poems, poetic journalism and subjective performances she observes her surroundings in search for hidden agendas. Maartje teaches image&language at the Creative Writing department of ArtEZ and design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her first book of poetry Als je een meisje bent is to be published this fall by publisher De Harmonie.

Artist statement: private detective in image and language

Fausto Grossi, is born in Arce (Lazio) Italy, 1954. He is licensed as a sculptor in the A.A.B.B. of Frosinione, Italy and the U.P.V. of Lejona in the Basque Country, Spain. Since 1992 he lives and develops his artistic activity in Bilbao. He is ultidisciplinary artist, cook, “izzaiolo”, performer, writer and Graphic Designer. Further is cultural manager organizing various cultural activities sessions, symposia and roundtables. In fact he is also a mail artist, internationally appearing in several anthologies of visual poetry.

Artist statement: art is for me something natural, something I need to live, to feel alive, to be what I am or what I would like to be.

Tom Nisse est né en 1973 au Luxembourg. Il vit à Bruxelles. Participe fréquemment à des lectures et des performances poétiques et organise divers événements culturels. Il collabore avec des artistes de toutes les disciplines et pratique des interventions plastiques intégrant le langage. Est aussi traducteur de et vers l'allemand.

A publié une douzaine de recueils et de plaquettes de poésie et de proses courtes parmi lesquels : Les yeux usés, Éditions Le Fram 2010, Reprises, Éditions L'Arbre à paroles 2011, Diasporas, Éditions Tétras Lyre 2013, Reprises de positions, Éditions Microbe 2013.

Artist statement: Le poète qui utilise souvent sa voix comme outil scénique, utilise ici du papier et ses mains pour une performance devenant installation.

Zeepblind bestaat uit Arnoud Rigter, Ineke van Doorn, Harry van Doveren en Kine Brettschreider. Zij hutselen tekeningen, computer renderings, poëzie en proza, waarbij niet te onderscheiden is waar de inbreng van de ene persoon begint en waar de andere ophoudt. Dit resulteert in ‘Nagelvaste Kalktriller’: een uniek uitvouwbaar boek, dat uit zes boeken bestaat met in totaal zo'n 250 pagina's, in totaal zo'n 3 cm dik. Dit wordt op podium vertolkt door een meerstemmige voordracht met video, audio en al dan niet fictieve konijnen.

Artist statement: Speel!

Auteur d'une quinzaine d'ouvrages atypiques mêlant fiction et recherches sur la langue, on peut également le voir et l'entendre un peu partout sur scène (USA, Russie, Allemagne, France, etc.), en solo, duos ou au sein de divers collectifs. L'un de ses livres, KIRKJUBAEJARKLAUSTUR, a fait l'objet d'une adaptation radiophonique et CAVALCADE donnera tout bientôt naissance à une adaptation vidéo. Travaille actuellement à CONQUÊTE DU PAYS UGOGO, une épopée burlesque et africaine. Deux albums, l'un avec Maja Jantar, l'autre avec Xavier Dubois, sont également en cours de réalisation.

Artist statement: Un savant fou. Un alchimiste. Testant constamment de nouvelles formules. Des fois, ça marche. Des fois, pas. L'important, c'est d'essayer.

Constant is a Brussels based artist-run organisation for media and art with a focus on free software and culture, feminism and the ethics of the web. Each year in January, Constant welcomes thousands of new works at a Belgian Public Domain Day. By creating a new derivative work every year, Constant hopes to inspire people to make public works electronically available and rediscover them.

The Death of the Authors - edition 1943 is a F/LOSS artwork by Constant members and friends Michael Murtaugh, Anne Laforet, Gijs De Heij, Antonio Roberts, An Mertens. It is published under a Free Art License.

Artist statement: Read, Write, Execute!

Frank Keizer is a Dutch poet, essayist, editor and translator. Together with Samuel Vriezen he translated Disaster suites by American poet Rob Halpern into Dutch. He works as a publisher at Perdu, a center for poetry and poetics in Amsterdam where he edits a series of contemporary innovative poetry in Dutch translation. He published two chapbooks (Dear world, fuck off, ik ga golfen in 2012 and Mijn eigen problemen in 2015), and his first booklength volume of poetry Onder normale omstandigheden will appear in January 2016 at Uitgeverij Polis.

Artist statement: Independent writer and editor with an interest in works of literature that push the boundaries of both form and content

Dirk Elst (1975) is a Belgian writer, poet and musician. He often collaborates with visual artists, performers and musicians like Kelly Schacht, Manor Grunewald, Lode Vercampt, Giovanni Barcella, Bart Maris and others. The core of his work is the so called ‘narrative’ which he shapes according to the given circumstances. He published in several artist’s books, produced cd’s, theatre plays, film scripts, poems, video’s and voice-overs. His work is often satirical. Currently, he finishes his debut novel and produced a demo with his group (duo) Moto

Artist statement: It's never too late to take a piss.

poet, playwright, creator and theoretician of liberature, a new literary genre fusing text with unconventional shapes of the book, inventor of the emanational form in which he creates invisible dimensions of text. Co-author, with Katarzyna Bazarnik, of a triptych Oka-leczenie (Mute-I-Late), (O)patrzenie (Ga(u)ze), & poetic happenings Liberty Poem (New York, Taipei, Tokyo, Venice); author of a poem-in-a-bottle Spogladajac Przez Ozonow; Dziure; (Detect Ozone Whole Nearby), multimedia poetry volumes 'ten letters', Powieki (Eyelids), and Liberature or Total Literature. Collected Essays 1999-2009.

Artist statement:

why don't we try calling everything anew

untwining words from lips

untwining lips from words

(excerpt from the poem "A Tree")

2015 confirmed artists

Jaan "Luulur" Malin (EE), a rawlings (CA-IS), Lucinda Sherlock (AU), Antoine Boute (BE), Frie J. Jacobs (BE), Stefan Wouters (BE), Anneke Baeten (AU), Glen Calleja (MT), Lisette Lombé (BE), Fork Burke (US-CH), Sven Staelens (BE), Sharon Mesmer (US), David Borchart (US), Kila van der Starre (NL), Peter Carlaftes (US), Kat Georges (US), Renaat Ramon (BE), Maartje Smits (NL), Fausto Grossi (IT), Tom NIsse (BE), Zeepblind (Arnoud Rigter, Ineke van Doorn, Harry van Doveren & Kine Brettschreider) (NL), Vincent Tholomé (BE), Constant (Michael Murtaugh, Anne Foret, Gijs De Heij, Antonio Roberts, An Mertens) (BE-UK-NL), Frank Keizer (NL), Dirk Elst (BE), Zenon Fajfer (PL), Katarzyna Bazarnik (PL), Laura Lopez Fernandez (NZ), Evy Van Eynde (BE), A.C. Hello (FR), Maja Jantar (BE), frank van ansem (NL), Danny Scholtze (NL), Daphne ter Wee (NL), Compagnie Dams (NL), Remko Leeuw (NL), Stijn Bles (NL), Evy Van Eynde (BE), Marie Thérèse Dorina De Clercq (BE)

Jaan "Luulur" Malin


a rawlings


Lucinda Sherlock


Antoine Boute


Frie J. Jacobs


Stefan Wouters


Anneke Baeten


Glen Calleja


Lisette Lombé


Fork Burke


Sven Staelens


Sharon Mesmer


David Borchart


Kila van der Starre


Peter Carlaftes


Kat Georges


Renaat Ramon


Maartje Smits


Fausto Grossi


Tom Nisse




Vincent Tholomé




Frank Keizer


Dirk Elst


Zenon Fajfer


Katarzyna Bazarnik


lecturer at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, translator, curator of Liberature Reading Room. Together with Zenon Fajfer she wrote "Oka-leczenie" (Mute-I-Late 2000, 2009) and "(O)patrzenie" (Ga(u)ze 2003). They also co-edit "Liberatura" series in Ha!art Publishing House. Author of "Joyce and Liberature", editor of volumes of essays, including "James Joyce and After. Writer and Time", "Incarnations of Textual Materiality. From Modernism to Liberature" and monograph issues of a translation journal on J. Joyce and B.S. Johnson. Her theoretical work focuses on liberature as a new literary genre

Artist statement: In our books we invite readers to get rid of typical habits of reading, look at both text and the material book and perceive them as unity.

Laura Lopez Fernandez


Dr. Laura López Fernández is Senior Lecturer and Convenor of Spanish at the University of Waikato, NZ. She holds a PhD (awarded with honours) in Peninsular Poetry by the Univ. of Lawrence, KS (US) and a MA from the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder (US). She has a BA in Spanish Philology and a BA in International Relations by the Univ. of Santiago, Spain. Dr. Lopez Fernandez is a specialist in Experimental Poetry. She runs the journal Experimental Poetics and Aesthetics (http://www.waikato.ac.nz/fass/experimentalpoetics/) and has received several grants that led to many publications in this field.

Artist statement: Contemporary poetic practices offer a new identity and understanding of what lyric and non-lyric poetry is in the 21st century.

Evy Van Eynde

Evy Van Eynde is met pennen aan haar handen geboren. Alleszins dat beweert ze toch zelf. Pennen om mee te vliegen, dat spreekt voor zich. En ook wel om mee te schrijven. Poëzie en proza. Theaterteksten. Liedjes. Sprekende tekeningen en illustraties.

Ze druppelt haar eigenzinnige inkt over het blad, het scherm, blaast er leven in op de planken. Want daar is ze het allerliefst. Tussen haar woorden. In één of andere scène. Daar kan je haar vinden. Als je goed luistert.

Artist statement: Als je goed luistert, gonst de wereld van verhalen

Poète sonore/Écrivain. Pratique la performance et/ou la lecture sur scène. Dessine, peint et écrit. Nombreuses publications en revues. A créé la revue Frappa en 2014. A publié aux éditions Fissile : Paradis remis à neuf (2014). Vient de publier aux éditions Al Dante : Naissance de la gueule (2015).

Artist statement: Pousser dans ses retranchements le son qui sort de la bouche.

Maja Jantar is a multilingual and polysonic voice artist and opera director living in Belgium, whose work spans the fields of performance, opera, poetry and visual arts. A co-founder of the poetic group Krikri, she has been giving individual and collaborative performances throughout Europe and experimenting with poetic sound since 1996. Some of her visual poetry has appeared in various publications, amongst others Zieteratuur (The Netherlands). She just finished collaborating with Vincent Tholomé on a cd version Cavalcade, and with Angela Rawlings on recordings of Vö|va dual vocal work.

Artist statement: weaving the red lines

Cathelijn van Goor

Cathelijn van Goor is an Amsterdam based visual artist. She makes graphite drawings and now and then she puts her drawings into movement by turning them into handdrawn stop motion animations.

Her works were shown in NY by Glowlab, at The Bridge Art Fair, Conflux Festival and Fountain Art Fair Miami. In China at CEAC Xiamen, who took her works to The Redtory, Guangzhou and Djupivogur, Iceland. In Holland at Galerie Witteveen, Service Garage, Art Affairs and the Inkijk-Galerie Amsterdam, Drawing Center Diepenheim, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, RAW Art Fair Rotterdam and Museum Waterland Purmerend.

Artist statement: The main question in her art is whether technological development really achieves progress.

frank van ansem

Frank van Ansem, 1974.

Enfant terrible van het boekbindersgilde.

Woont en werkt in Eindhoven, maakt al rokend zijn tekeningen.

Draagt zijn bril met verve.

Houdt van schoonheid, lelijkheid, wijn en wielrennen.

Artist statement: Kijk om je heen, tis allemaal dichtbij

Danny Scholtze

In my life and work, i have a great fascination for nature, the processes taking place there and the way man relates to different levels to himself and his environment. My work i create intuitive and process-based rather than conceptual and systematic. It is an expression of reflections on observations and investigations into the relationship between myself and my surroundings.

Artist statement: In my life and work, i have a great fascination for nature, the processes taking place there and the way man relates to different levels too

Mijn werk kenmerkt zich door dat het zeer persoonlijke zelfportretten zijn. Ik put inspiratie uit persoonlijke levenservaringen. Die ik op een manische en obsessieve manier in het papier kras. Ik zoek altijd naar het esthetische zelfportret maar dan echt van binnen uit. Ik weet echter ook de afstand te bewaken om objectief het werk goed te kunnen beoordelen. Kernwoorden als macht en machteloosheid, misbruik en destructiviteit zijn de thema's waar ik mee gewerkt heb.

Artist statement: De waarheid naar boven halen

Being an artist I explore the universe from within my workspace. The workprocess is an associative, intuitive and spiritual journey. The conversation between me and my work is a way to comprehend life, myself and the world.

2008 my wife, Loes, had a Cardiac Arrest and slipped into a coma. Five days later she started living again.

This event forced me to find a new understanding about life, death and the space in between. I spoke to the gods, visited the underworld and met some extaordinary animals. The answers presented themselves in a series of naïve paintings and more elaborate sculptures.

Artist statement: Poetry for survival. A loving warfare on all that is for the sake of all that can be.

Remko Leeuw

Het materiaalgebruik en het toeval spelen in mijn werk een centrale rol. Door sturing van het materiaal en het doen van interventies, regisseer ik ontmoetingen tussen organische en bedachte kunstmatige bewegingen op het doek. Met het kiezen van deze twee tegenpolen bepaal ik de randvoorwaarden waarbij dit interventieproces zich mag voltrekken. Het toeval krijgt hierbij een bewuste plek in mijn werk. Dit komt mede tot stand door een gevecht tussen mijn ratio en de impuls van mijn onderbewustzijn. Ik werk interdisciplinair met schilderijen, tekeningen, installaties, fotografie of een combinatie

Artist statement: Remko Leeuw regisseert interventies op het doek met gemengde materialen. Het materiaalgebruik en het toeval spelen in een centrale rol.

Letterlijk en figuurlijk inzoomen op alledaagse dingen die mijn aandacht trekken. In de hedendaagse, hectische wereld waarin ik me begeef, is het soms lastig richting te geven aan mijn leven. Wat vind ik belangrijk en wat niet. Door fenomenen onder de loep te nemen gun ik mezelf tijd en ruimte om hierover na te denken.

Tijdens mijn zoektocht wil ik het tactiele aspect niet overslaan.

Artist statement: Wie ben ik?

Evy Van Eynde

Evy Van Eynde is met pennen aan haar handen geboren. Alleszins dat beweert ze toch zelf. Pennen om mee te vliegen, dat spreekt voor zich. En ook wel om mee te schrijven. Poëzie en proza. Theaterteksten. Liedjes. Sprekende tekeningen en illustraties.

Ze druppelt haar eigenzinnige inkt over het blad, het scherm, blaast er leven in op de planken. Want daar is ze het allerliefst. Tussen haar woorden. In één of andere scène. Daar kan je haar vinden. Als je goed luistert.

Artist statement: Als je goed luistert, gonst de wereld van verhalen

Marie Thérèse Dorina De Clercq


'Met deze fotobeelden wil ik een link leggen naar de uitspraak van Paul Eluard: "C'est une histoire bien connue que je conte, c'est un poème célèbre que je relis; je suis appuyé contre un mur avec des oreilles verdoyantes et des lèvres calcinées".

Het resultaat van mijn werk is enkel de aanvang van het verhaal. Er wordt de bezoeker zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk een Spiegel im Spiegel voorgehouden: een beeld confronteert hem met zichzelf.

Artist statement: Een denkbeeldige grens tussen het imaginaire en het reële, dàt is wat ik brengen wil met mijn werk 'I WILL WRITE PEACE'.